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Mindset & Confidence Coach for Women Tashina King

With over 10 years of experience supporting and coaching women from all over the world, Tashina understands just how vital it is to look at the whole-woman when it comes to the goals and desires each woman has. It is crucial to nurture and transform the foundation upon which those goals and desires are rooted in so that they may be reached with ease, confidence, and joy.​ Tashina understands the demands of being a woman. She is an internationally recognised top instructor, entrepreneur since 2008, has toured over thirteen countries as a coach and professional dancer while being married and having two sons (3 yrs & Infant). ​Through her tours and coaching practice she has coached over 8,000 individuals throughout the world on self-worth, confidence, and taking ownership of their life.

Christian Holistic Wellness Influencer Cassandra Hill

Cassandra Hill is a Holistic Wellness Influencer, Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker. After overcoming systemic lupus with a regimen she developed; Cassandra birthed Holistic Living Consulting. Her mission is to transform the health of women by renewing their mind, body, and soul utilizing an all-natural approach. Let's connect at

Certified Trainer/ Coach Dr. Michelle S. Thomas

Michelle S. Thomas, Your Relationship Surgeon is an 8X Internationally Best-Selling Author, Certified Life/ Relationship/Business Coach, Motivational speaker, and Multiple business owner. She is the proud FOUNDER/ CEO of the Global Business Platform, AECENDT, that connects students, businesses, and entrepreneurs with vetted tools and revenue drivers that is relevant to today’s latest business practices. Connect with her TODAY:

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